Qunying Huang

Associate Professor

As a researcher, my passion is to bridge the gap between Geography and Computer Science.
As an instructor, my passion is to help my students become fast, effective, and efficient learners, cultivate their problem-solving skills, and equip them with geospatial techniques for their future careers.
As a mentor, my passion is to help my advisees discover their passions, become independent, creative spatial thinkers, and avoid the detours, and pitfall that I have experienced in my early career.
As a human being, I love my family, friends, skiing, traveling, reading, recycling…..and so much more.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” — Forrest Gump
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Chenxiao (Atlas) Guo

Ph.D. Student

My name is Chenxiao Guo and I go by “Atlas”. I am a Geography Ph.D. student (Cartography and GIS subarea) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a doctoral minor in Computer Science. I received my M.S. in Geography from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA), and B.S. in Geographic Information Systems from Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou, China).

With general interests in GIScience and cartography, my research direction includes spatiotemporal analytics, cartographic visualization, social media text mining, and disaster management, devoted to bridging geospatial data science and social good.

As an “Atlas”, collecting maps is deservedly my biggest hobby. Apart from a map geek, I also love English and Chinese calligraphy, stone seal carving (Zhuanke), as well as musical instruments like Guqin and tin whistle.

Xinyi Liu

Ph.D. Student

(M.S., Cartography/GIS, 2015 – 2017)

I am a Ph.D. student in Geographic Information Science at UW-Madison, with a study focus on geospatial data mining, spatiotemporal visualization, and citywide human mobility. Previously, I earned a MS in GIS/Cartography from UW-Madison and a BS in Earth Science from Sun Yat-Sen University, China. I’ve been developing Web GIS and computer graphics for years in research and industrial work. My current interest and goal is to uncover human movement behavior patterns using spatiotemporal and geographic datasets with optimized algorithms and effective GIS framework.

Meiliu Wu

Meiliu Wu

Ph.D. Student

(M.S., Cartography/GIS, 2017 – 2019; Data Scientist, Beijing Digital Union Network Technology Co., Ltd)

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in Geographic Information Science at UW-Madison. I also gained my Master degree at UW-Madison majoring in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems in 2019. Since then, I worked as a Spatial Data Scientist at a start-up company and gained more applicable experience on using GIS techniques to solve problems in real world. The more achievements I got from my work, the more passionate I’ve become on going further and deeper. That is the reason why I came back to academia and started my Ph.D. career – I enjoy the purity of being a dedicated scholar and conducting research with a cooperative effort. I want to work as a researcher to exchange and implement novel ideas on GIS fields, as an author to spread out the beauty of GIS, and as a humble scholar to explore more possibilities in the power of GIS. Currently, my research includes big data analytics and machine learning with an application domain focusing on human mobility.

Jirapa (Jamp) Vongkusolkit

M.S. Student

I am pursuing my Master’s degree in GIS. I received my B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences in 2019 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am interested in applying geospatial analysis and spatial modeling to environmental issues and natural disasters. My current research focuses on image processing and analysis techniques for satellite imagery.

Yang Qiu

Undergraduate, Computer Science  + Data Science

I am an undergraduate in CS and DS at UW-Madison. I am interested in computer vision and enjoy doing some research beneficial to society with AI. My current research focuses on developing a machine learning model to automatically the wealthiness and safety of urban neighborhoods based on analyzing street view images.

Linbo Tang

Undergraduate, Computer Science  + Data Science

 Majoring in CS and DS, my research passion lies in exploring machine learning, computer vision and remote sensing for real-time damage assessment. Currently, I am focusing on developing the change detection model for building damage assessment via self-supervised learning.

Boyuan Zou

Undergraduate, Computer Science

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Flood Depth Estimation, and Damage Assessment

Ishika Akula

Undergraduate, Computer Science

Data Science, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Flood Mapping

Lab Alumni

Bo Peng

(Ph.D., Cartography/GIS, 2017 – 2021)

Senior Research Scientist, PAII Inc.

Yuehan Qin

(Undergraduate, Geography & Computer Science Department, 2010 – 2022)

Ph.D, Computer Science, University of Southern California

Tianhui (Vicky) Cai

(Undergraduate, Computer Science Department, 2010 – 2022)

M.S, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Zonglin Meng

(Undergraduate, Computer Science Department, 2017 – 2019)

Ph.D, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA

Chris Scheele

(M.S., Cartography/GIS, 2015 – 2017)

Data Analytics Engineer, Arity

Zidong Zhang

(M.S., Cartography/GIS, 2014 – 2016)

Senior Software Engineer, Facebook

Duanyang Jing

(M.S., Cartography/GIS, 2014 – 2016)

Senior Software Engineer, Huawei

More proud badgers….

Jonathan Fok (2017)

Beichen Tian (2017)

Cassie Jorgenson (2016)

Catherine Epp Streiffer (Summer 2015)

Caitlin McKown (2015 Fall – 2016 Fall)

Chelbi Stromblad (2015 Spring)

Samuel Schumacher (2014)